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AUTHORITY / maja osojnik, 2014

I let you build this desert and now you call it our home.
Towards the end of my hope.
You’re wrong and i become less.
Nothing to remember, nothing to remain.
You have no words for me.
For this, for everything, we are out of tune.
I am inconsonant with your authority
while i hide away your fear,
i turn my loudness down and i become less,
when i am with you.

You ask me, if you made me cry, i lie.
Because of you.
We built this desert and we named it home.
Because of you.
I become less for you,
just (you) turn me down.
Down i fall,
Because of you.
Inconsonant with your authority.
For this, for everything i fall.
I am inconsonant with your authority.
Because of you.
Your words don’t do anything,
but fill the empty space between us.
For this, for everything we are out of tune.
You have no words for me.
We built this desert and we named it home.
Down i fall,
inconsonant with your authority.


from LET THEM GROW, released February 1, 2016
music & lyrics, recorded, edited, produced by maja osojnik between 2013-2015
Instruments: vocals, field recordings, paetzold bass recorder, e-bass, melodicas, toys, radios, glockenspiel, cassette recorders, abandoned pianos, installations tubes, electronic setup with dj cd player and different guitar pedals, electronics
main vocal recorded by oliver brunbauer at hotel pupik
mixed by patrick pulsinger at feedback studio I.
mastered & LP cut by rashad becker, D&M
artwork by raumschiff engelmayr
photography by rania moslam



all rights reserved


maja osojnik Vienna, Austria

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